2015 Trends

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by Lisa Pritchard

b’gifted’s Mary Jo and Lisa toured three massive buildings in Atlanta to check out the latest trends in fashion, gift and accessories. It didn’t take long to notice four major trends. Aztec, nautical, lace and floral. These trends can be found in everything from fashion to furniture.

Lace, Floral, Nautical, Southwest/Aztec: Let’s take these 2015 fashion trends one at a time!

Lace is showing up in all forms of fashion wear for the year. This feminine trend is coming in head-to-toe options, and is on everything from sleek to frilly fashions. What’s great about lace is it’s so easy to add it to your wardrobe without it being overwhelming. Simple lace trim can be added to the edges of t-shirts and skirts, or made into sleeves (and don’t all of us love camouflaging some less-loved parts). At b’gifted, we’re giving fashion a lace update with everything from subtle lace scarves to surprising lace-print watches. Favorite update: amazing “lace” necklaces.

Floral prints are bringing out the romance for everyone. Vintage print inspiration and rich bold florals are showing up everywhere, even in unexpected places. Floral shorts, trousers and even shoes are getting in on the romance trend. We’re presenting florals in expected and unexpected ways. Scarves are an amazing way to incorporate floral patterns into your wardrobe without a full floral “commitment.” Favorite update: floral watches! AND, coming later for spring, floral handbags (cute-cute-cute).

It’s full Anchors Aweigh in fashion. This year, like last, we’re seeing a resurgence in navy, stripes and, above all, anchors! This preppy look is an easy fit for those more comfortable in tailored looks. Khakis and sea-worthy aquas also fit the trend. Bring out the espadrilles and even those cute plaids to complement the nautical gear. At b’gifted, we’re all about the navy and sea-inspired jewelry. Favorite update: anchor watches. We know we mentioned floral watches above, but we just love them!

The Southwest trend is definitely hot and only getting hotter (no pun intended)! Tops, bottoms or allover, this trend is loaded with pattern and color! Add pattern or geometrics to jazz up your wardrobe for the spring and summer for a Southwest/Aztec chic look. Drag out the cowboy boots and belts. At b’gifted, we’ve got great geometric printed scarves that will update your basics. Favorite update: turquoise jewelry. Love our turquoise cuffs and necklaces.

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