How Artists are Changing Olde Town

artists changing olde town

The Grove City ArtWorks is closing in on its one year anniversary. After opening at 222 South Broad Street, in the center of Olde Town, the new gallery and studio space has become the center of a new movement in town, built completely around the arts. With new artists each month, the GCAW celebrates what they call “First Fridays”, an exhibit opening from 7 to 9pm, when most non-food businesses downtown have already closed for the night. ArtWork events have brought in anywhere from 50 to 200 people, and many of those first had dinner at Nonni’s or Broad Street Grille, or headed there after for drinks. While First Fridays have not yet had a huge impact on Olde Town, it can.

A long term goal for the arts council is to bring in enough people to exhibit openings that it makes sense for more businesses downtown to stay open later. Eventually, First Fridays could not be just a night to celebrate art in Olde Town, but a big boost for businesses that choose to stay open. More than a dozen local artists have had their art featured in the gallery. Those who haven’t visited the space will be impressed by the quality of the art. This is especially the case in February with sculptor Sarah Irani, Chair of the GC Arts Council and a resident artist at the GC Artworks. Her story helped create the GC ArtWorks after she came to Grove City feeling like she was the only artist around. Overtime she realized a substantial population of artists lived in the area without anything to bring them together. Now the the main space, called “The Wendell August Gallery,” after a generous donation from the Grove City institution helped get the space open, has brought artists of all kinds together. The GC ArtWorks has featured concerts, poetry readings, educational classes and other arts related activities. The Grove City ArtWork is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of Grow Grove City, and is a sister organization to Olde Town Grove City. As a 401c3, all donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made at A calendar of events can be found there as well.

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