In Store Favorites


  1. VinebagoThe Vinnebago is the canteen of the 21st century. It keeps white wine chilled up to 25 hours and coffee hot for 12 hours! The box recommends using it for everything from water, sports drinks, iced coffee, mixed cocktails, soda, white wine, freshly pressed juice, cellar-temp red wine, vodka to coffee, hot tea, hot water, cider, hot cocoa, mulled wine, mocha and soup. The Vinnebago will become your best friend. Only $29.95 at b’gifted.
  2. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESDavid and David soup mixes are not only amazingly simple and delicious, they’re local! The Pittsburgh company has created simple mixes that you simply add a few extra ingredients from your pantry. $8.99 at b’gifted.
  3. Bonair Daydreams are beautiful cards featuring the photography from a local Pennsylvania artist. “Growing up in a small SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPennsylvania town on Bonair Drive, “Bonair Daydreams” symbolizes the inspiration and joy I lived as a child. My hope is that my cards and memories bring you a touch of joy as well. Each card has a messages deeper than the Hallmark cards we have stored in our desks for every occasion. $2.50-$2.99 at b’gifted.

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