Wish List: Hometown Brewery

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Grove City has learned one thing from our tinier neighbor down the street: a good Brewery can completely change everything. Slippery Rock got lucky. Brewerys are a growing trend and one that we hope makes its way to Grove City. To have someone like North Country Brewery open here would be a game changer, not to mention that they know how to do it right. But if someone wanted to start their own endeavor, Grove City would be a great place considering 6.5 million people shop just a few miles down the road. Here’s our picks for the top 3 places to open a brewery in Grove City…

3. 415 S. Broad St.
The main problem with this building is the price tag ($650,000). Peel the paint, expose the bricks, and put the 2 story windows back in. It has parking included, which is a plus. But at the end of the day parking should be an afterthought. You have to walk at least a block to get to North Country and nobody cares, so neither do I.  http://www.northwood.com/Real_Estate/PA/Grove_City/415_S_Broad/571-3-1028657/

2. 235 S. Broad St.
IShf3865wnp8hp0000000000Guthrie Alley 2Guthrie Allie 3
Right across from the Guthrie, this building is great. It’s in great shape, has a ton of character inside, and is a decent size. There’s an underutilized alley right beside it that could be an awesome spot for outdoor seating, plus it overlooks the Guthrie sign. Picture the lights of the Guthrie at night overlooking an outdoor beer garden in the alley. This place has so much potential.

1. The Penn Grove
Penn Grove
This is the dream. Imagine it. There’s no other building in town that has more potential. There could be outdoor seating right along the creek, along with the beautiful brick patio that is already there. This building needs to be a place for people to gather again. We have 6.5 million people coming to Grove City and more hotels keep popping up, but what hasn’t popped up yet is a boutique hotel. There’s no question that overflow from the outlet mall would make its way into downtown if we had a hotel and brewery to bring them. The hotel lobby, which is my favorite part, is still intact. We just need the right investor to see the potential before it’s too late.

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