We are excited to give you the first issue of Living the Grove, an online magazine sponsored by a little Grove City, Pennsylvania gift shop, b’gifted. A seasonal online publication, we want to use this new endeavor to help inform, promote and inspire. Living the Grove will inform our readers about exciting events going on around town, and sometimes promote new products at b’gifted that we think will honestly make your life that much better. But more importantly, Living the Grove was created to inspire those living in and around Grove City to live a fuller, more meaningful and active life. This little town has gone through a lot of changes over the years and we want keep it going on the right track. For those who have lived in Grove City, you know that a before and after photo of Olde Town would be a perfect example of what is possible if we all work together. New murals, sculptures, a non-profit art gallery and studio, revitalized restaurants and restored store fronts are all proof that the hard work of many is paying off, but we still have a long way to go! While Living the Grove is for those who love Grove City, it’s also for those who have yet to embrace the best of small town life. You don’t have to look at living in a small town as a negative. We want to inspire you to go downtown for coffee, then to b’gifted to shop for a wedding gift, followed by dinner and movie. While our focus will be how to live a better life in Grove City, we’ll also tell you about our favorite places to go to get out of Grove City, from our favorite amish baker, to the best hiking spots. We’ll have entertaining and design ideas, along with whatever else pops into our heads. Live small, live well, be happy. We hope you enjoy…

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