Wish List: Bookstore

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We sometimes forget in Grove City that we’re a college town, and what should every college town have? A book store! While some say the physical paper-bound book is dead, recent trends show the opposite. The Kindle and e-books have definitely changed the landscape of the book industry, but independent bookstores have seen a “quiet revival“. While big chains like Barnes and Noble shuttered small bookstores across the country, the e-book movement has shuttered many of the big chains. This has reopened a window for independent bookstores. With more than 2,000 college students within walking distance to downtown and 11,000 college students within 15 miles, a unique bookstore downtown could very well succeed.

One idea, create a bookstore that helps fund the GC Community Library, just like Thrifty Threads helps fund the Food Pantry. While seed money would be needed to get the space up and running, this could be a long term win for the community. Used books could be donated to the space to be sold, but also include a selection of new books. Imagine one of the old store fronts downtown, taken down to the brick walls and exposed ceilings like Sweet Jeanies is currently doing. Build some shelves, throw in some donated couches and volunteer sweat and labor, and this could be something special.




3 thoughts on “Wish List: Bookstore

  1. I think this would be wonderful. I love going to the used bookstores when I go to Pittsburgh. Let’s keep this idea moving forward.


  2. I remember the coffee shop when it first opened sold books…I loved to go in there & have a coffee and browse through the books!


  3. When I was little one of my favorite places was an old secondhand bookstore just off the University of Georgia campus in Athens, GA. It looked similar to the one pictured above, complete with overstacked shelves and ancient leather chairs. We totally need one of these in Grove City!


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