Farm 2 Table in the grove

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With white linens, vintage plates and a sixty foot table, a Saturday evening in August marked the start of a movement in Grove City. With the goal of bringing awareness to eating local and creating community around the table, Living the Grove and b’Gifted hosted the area’s first Farm 2 Table dinner.

Conceived over a year ago, Living the Grove and b’gifted worked with Tom Wagner, who owns more than 50 acres in Wolf Creek Township, and his son, award winning Cleveland chef, Ryan Wagner. The seemingly simple idea of an outdoor dinner made fully from local ingredients grew into an incredible evening that was huge success. (Video by Catedralography and photography by m.clemm photography)

farm2table2015_0209 farm2table2015_0206 farm2table2015_0201 farm2table2015_0190 farm2table2015_0188 farm2table2015_0184 farm2table2015_0179 farm2table2015_0168 farm2table2015_0158 farm2table2015_0153 farm2table2015_0140 farm2table2015_0119 farm2table2015_0114 farm2table2015_0113 farm2table2015_0107 farm2table2015_0104 farm2table2015_0073 farm2table2015_0072 farm2table2015_0065 farm2table2015_0063  farm2table2015_0058 farm2table2015_0055 farm2table2015_0010

Meghan Clemm's photography in the Wine Bar Gallery
Meghan Clemm’s photography in the Wine Bar Gallery

farm2table2015_0301 farm2table2015_0256 farm2table2015_0245 farm2table2015_0228 farm2table2015_0221 farm2table2015_0219


A HUGE THANK YOU to Tom Wagner of Wagner Farms, Chef Ryan Wagner, Pasture Perfect Beef, Catedralography, M. Clemm Photography, Phantom Fireworks, Lago Winery, North Country Brewery, beans on broad, Nelson’s Flower Shop, Harmony Grove Farm, Norman Homestead, Windy Knoll Grocery, Shetler’s Homegrown Produce, the Cheese House and everyone who joined us for our spectacular event.  On behalf of Alex, Mary Jo & Lisa, we thank you for a memorable evening.

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