Kayaking Wolf Creek

Kayaking Wolf Creek- title

I specifically waited to post this until it was too cold to kayak. Why? Because I’m not recommending that anyone actually kayak Wolf Creek. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing and well worth it, but it unfortunately is not a creek meant for kayaking. For one, it has to be well above flood stage to make it traversable. And two, fallen trees are not regularly removed like other more popular streams. I didn’t take pictures of the sketchier moments, but it just isn’t the safest trip for a novice kayaker. There is also no easy entry and exit points, so you have to get creative. We went from Grove City to Slippery Rock Creek and split it over two days after days of heavy rain in mid-June. On more than one occasion things got a little hairy (Flipped kayaks. Rapids. Getting pulled under trees). Amazingly, my phone and pictures mostly survived the kayak flipping. My flip flops did not.

We entered at the Butterfly Park on Barkeyville Road. Going through town was interesting. While Cooper-Bessemer doesn’t make it the most attractive part of the trip, it is an interesting perspective. It made me wish we’d appreciate the creek more. It’s easy to live in Grove City and not even notice it’s there.

East Pine Street Bridge

The back of Ithen Global
The now closed walkway that used to be open to the public
Rainbow Bridge
Near Hunter’s Farm


The second part of the trip took us into Butler County and the Wolf Creek Narrows Natural Area. This is actually considered to be some of the most unique topography in the state and was pretty incredible. The cliffs are believed to be created by collapsed cave walls from melting glaciers. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy has purchased 115 acres here and there are trails walking trails open to the public.


The Wolf Creek Narrows
IMG_7782 IMG_7778 IMG_7771 IMG_7766 IMG_7765 IMG_7783


One of the easier hurdles

Again, because of safety I would never recommend this trip. So just look at these pictures and say you did it.

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