5 places you need to try in Olde Town (if you haven’t already)

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Many of you will have been to these places. But if you haven’t tried them yet, you have to give ’em a shot. It is amazing how many people live in Grove City, yet haven’t really been downtown in years. Reintroducing Olde Town into your daily and weekly life will make you start to fall for the Grove again.

b’gifted: (216 S. Broad St.) For many, it is the go to place for gifts. They have something for everyone, whether it be for birthdays, holidays, babies, weddings or if you just want to buy a scarf and jewelry for yourself. It’s amazing how many people still walk into b’gifted and say, “We live in Grove City and never knew this existed!”


Sweet Jeanie’s: (241 S. Broad St) ICE CREAM. Seriously, it isn’t just for summer. It’s homemade and it’s amazing. They also have great lunch/dinner sandwiches and soup so if you are one of those strange people that can’t do ice cream in the winter, there’s other options.


Highland Alpaca: (at Nelson’s Flower Shop. 221 S. Broad St.) Nelson’s Flower Shop recently acquired Highland Alpaca. Have you ever worn alpaca socks? THEY’RE AMAZING. They also have scarves, gloves and lots of alpaca apparel.


beans on broad: (141 S. Broad St.) I can’t even believe there are people that live in the area and have never been to beans. The coffee is roasted locally at the George J. Howe company and the atmosphere is a good combination of hipster and homey. Go there for coffee. Go there for lunch.

Nonni’s Corner Trattoria: (251 S. Broad St.) Italian food. Enough said. The Chicken Parmesan is the best. If you’re lucky, you can eat something made by Nonni herself. They often have live music and someday if summer ever comes again, it’s the only place downtown where you can sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine.


JMK Boutique: (111 Mill St.) Ok, We’re going to add a 6th place. It’s just outside of Olde Town but for anyone into fashion, it is a must. JMK Boutique is located inside RX Express Pharmacy. And no worries, you quickly get over the fact that the trendiest clothing store in GC is located in a pharmacy. There’s dressing rooms and everything. The clothes mostly cater to the ladies, but occasionally they’ll have t-shirts or ties for guys. The owners of JMK make yearly buying trips to Atlanta so they always have the newest fashions. Also a must is JMK’s twice a year fashion show, usually at beans on broad. It’s the closest thing to fashion week in the Grove. Trust me, you’ll be impressed!! Check out www.jmkboutique.com for some fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “5 places you need to try in Olde Town (if you haven’t already)

  1. This is just a great site….thanks to all those who are making downtown come alive…and posting too….keep up the good work!


  2. Adding a 7th and 8th…Emmett’s Orchard at 1351 Enterprise Road and All Good Things across from the entrance to the park on Main Street. Both great places! Emmett’s has all kinds of apple confections and a nice selection of gifts. The country setting is sublime and the service is old-time friendly! They’re only open during their season but it’s worth it! All Good Things is a thrift shop ministry. Organized, clean, and low prices. PLUS you can donate there to give back to our community. 🙂


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