Spring Planting

Growing in the grove title

If there’s one thing that is key to making Western PA a place you love to live, it’s enjoying the outdoors every moment that you can, especially your own yard. Now that spring is here, it’s easy to get anxious about getting you yard ready for the barbecue parties. But there’s a few rules you shouldn’t forget…

Don’t plant outdoors just yet:

You want flowers now, we get it. But don’t plant them just yet. Flowers should not be planted until after the last frost, and there’s no way to guarantee when that will be. You should at least wait until May, and even then, keep an eye on the weather. If you plant too soon, have bags or bed sheets ready to cover them if there’s a frost advisory.

Start planting inside:

One thing you can be doing, if you’re ambitious, is planting seeds inside. If you’re planning a food garden, The Farmers Almanac has a comprehensive calendar of when you should begin each stage of the planting process, specifically for the Grove City area.

Get a landscaper:

If you don’t have the time and you’re ready to have a professionally landscaped garden, patio, outdoor kitchen or pergola, now is the time to act!  If you live in Western PA, Landscape Design LLC is the first place you should stop. Chances are you’ve already seen their work at Grove City College (Where they design and build landscapes which complement the grounds initially designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted, designer of New York’s Central Park), Grove City Factory Shops or in Olde Town. They work with clients throughout western Pennsylvania including Pittsburgh and Cranberry.

Landscape- Living the Grove Ad-Recovered

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